Shahidah N…

10, Girl | Uganda

Hello, I am called Shehidah, I am a Christian and I love Jesus because He saved my life. I always go to church on Sundays. I lost both parents and I live with my poor relative, a brother to my late father who is also poor with no job and no other income to help the family. We depend on small scale farming where we get little food and most of the things we just buy. I like schooling so much because I know this will help me in future and for this case I pray to God to give me education support.

About Me
Age:10 years old
Interests:Singing and Dancing

Sponsorship Details $41 / month By sponsoring Shahidah, you will be providing her with:

- New clothes as Shahidah grows
- Nourishing meals
- Education and Discipleship
- Your Love as a family