Uganda School Begins 3rd Term

Uganda | Update

Sept. 2, 2022 -

The Ugandan school and orphanage that is being run by KWOWI teams are returning to the 3rd term for this current school year. Their school year runs in terms, with 2 to 4 weeks between terms. The school has Christian teachers who are invested in the children and are teaching them to read, write, Bible lessons, and more. In Uganda and Kenya, children cannot attend school unless their parents can afford to send them. The school provided by KWOWI is providing a life-changing gift to these children and their families. Most of these children are full or partial orphans and end up living with a grandmother or other relative, or even a Good Samaritan who has taken them in. Currently the children do not live at this school full time, so KWOWI teams send provisions of food and clothing home with the children as they have available to share, although even these resources are extremely limited as the poverty level is so high. Many children who remain uneducated end up in gangs or dangerous money-making ventures simply trying to survive. Your sponsorship of a child through KWOWI (Kids Without Walls International) can truly alter the course of a child forever by ensuring they can remain in the program to receive education, food, clothing, and the most important truth about Jesus Christ.