Tulsa Team Visits the Uganda KWOWI School

Uganda | Update

March 22, 2023 -

Brian Fenn, Daniel (our KWOWI.org builder and house church leader), and myself recently traveled to Uganda to visit the KWOWI School and several house churches. We spent 8 days with the Ugandan leaders, Edward and Margret, and the Kenyan leaders, Daniel and Christine. We shared in meals, testimonies, worship and prayer, team-building, and most importantly seeing, in person, the fruit of the ministry work they've been doing since 2018. We visited 4 house churches (out of over 400 in Uganda!) while in the Kigadi district, one of the most impoverished district in Uganda. The love of God was tangible, and we loved worshiping God with them while they sang in their native tongue. Each house church leader shared a powerful message and then we had a few minutes to introduce ourselves and share a word with them. We were also able to visit the KWOWI School in Kigadi. This was the highlight of the trip for me, and it was surreal to meet children face to face of whom I've only seen photos of. The children had prepared a lengthy program for us. They are talented, happy, and clearly learning well in the school Edward founded and runs along with his leadership team. Many of the children sleep at the school grounds, or nearby in a very small dorm as they have no other home to go to. Some children go home after school, which is usually a long walk to mud homes outside the village. Each of the children is connected to a house church, too. We were blessed to see the impact of the school on the local community, as well. They are operating with the blessing of their local government, which sees the positive change they've brought. They will eventually need to find a more permanent building for the school and offices, but they are making the most of their situation and bringing the good news of Jesus, along with the practical needs of education, meals, clothing, etc to these children in critical need. By attending this school, many of these children are being spared a future of falling into gangs, prostitution, or early marriage. Each and every donation to the KWOWI program is making a clear impact in the lives of the nearly 200 children who are attending the Ugandan School in Kigadi. Thank you for being part of changing a child's life forever! Blessings, Valerie Lassek Africa Coordinator KWOWI/CWOWI