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A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling

Psalm 68:5

Kids without Walls International

The ministry of saving children in extreme conditions

KWOWI is an effort for those who are part of CWOWI to support the less fortunate in our house church network. As we’ve grown, especially in Uganda and Kenya, needs in those nations have overwhelmed our affiliates. AIDS, abandonment, other illnesses/death, and poor economies have meant many orphan and single parent homes without the ability to care for the children, especially. While some in the local body have taken in some of these children and sometimes their parent as well, the burden remains great.

Sponsor a child for only $41

Why We Help

In Acts 4:34 it says no one lacked anything. They didn’t live in a commune, they lived in their regular homes, but as unexpected needs arose the body of Christ responded by taking care of that need. Some sold extra assets to help meet the need, but the core is that no one lacked. As the body of Christ expanded throughout the Roman Empire, the meeting of needs to the point no one lacked, involved time and distance.

For example, in Acts 11: 28-30 when a famine arose in the area around Jerusalem, the body in Antioch, several hundred miles/kilometers north, sent a cash offering to them with Paul and Barnabas. We also see Paul in I Corinthians 16 and II Corinthians 8 & 9, as well as Romans 15, gathering a collection for the poor in Jerusalem, the church there being overwhelmed with the needs.

Each house church is responsible for meeting the needs of its own, but when a need is larger than they can handle, they appealed to the network – that’s what we see in the NT. Jesus said in Matthew 25 He is returning for a church who took care of those in their midst who are hungry, thirsty, needing clothing, hospitality or a visit. How do we do that Lord? Finally, a few weeks ago in one of our house church meetings, the Lord gave me His will and wisdom on the matter, so we are moving in that direction.

How To Help

Sponsorships for individual children in Uganda and Kenya are $41 USD per month, forwarding the bulk to the child and their needs, with just a small amount kept back for our own administrative needs. These are people in our network, the leaders we actually know and have known for years.


Children are provided with scholastic materials, exams, administrative fees, and school activities.


Each child is provided with a school uniform, dress shoes, and casual clothes.


Meals are provided to children during the school day.


Every child deserves to feel loved and to become a part of a larger family. Your sponsorship will give hope and encouragement.

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